The Register of Aquatic Professionals (RAPs) FAQs


Here you can find answers to all frequently asked questions about various aspects of RAPs.


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FAQs about the Register of Aquatic Professionals (RAPs)


1. What is RAPs?

RAPs is a new independent register for individuals working in the aquatics sector. The register will launch in England initially, with eventual roll out across Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.


2. Who is developing RAPs?

RAPs is owned and operated by SkillsActive, the not-for-profit Sector Skills Council for Active Leisure, Learning and Well-being. It is being developed in partnership with employers, along with the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA), the Swimming Teachers Association (STA) and The Royal Life Saving Society (RLSS). The Register forms part of the Skills Protocol Employer Leadership Group (SPELG) recommendations to build on the success of the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) and grow the registrations system.


3. Why is RAPs being developed?

RAPs is being developed as a mechanism to support employers, individuals and the general public. An aquatic registration system gives employers and the public assurance that registered individuals hold the relevant professional qualifications required for the job they undertake. For employees, RAPs will provide clarity and structure to training and Continued Professional Development (CPD), supporting the individual to develop within the sector.


4. RAPs is now open for all

RAPs was piloted from January 2013 until June 2013 for selected employers and individuals. The Register has been tested, and is now live for all members of the industry to apply for membership.


5. How will RAPs work?

A number of principles underpin the operation of RAPs including:

  • RAPs membership categories are based upon National Occupational Standards underpinning job roles, and the qualifications held by the individual member.
  • A new fit for purpose sector qualification framework for aquatics that has a single qualification structure for each aquatic role is being developed. This will underpin the operational categories for the register and give clarity to employers regarding the qualifications that are relevant for the aquatics sector.
  • RAPs members will be required to complete CPD to keep their skills and knowledge up to date; this will be tracked and monitored by the activepassport™ system.


6. Which job roles will be able to access RAPs?

Currently 7 job roles will be eligible to join the register. These roles are Assistant Swimming Teacher, Swimming Teacher, Pool Lifeguard, Pool Plant Operator, Pool Manager, Swimming Tutor/Assessor and Aqua Fitness Instructor. Further job roles are being considered and may be added as RAPs develops.


7. Which qualifications are accepted for registration with RAPs?

A number of current and previous aquatics qualifications will give you entry to the register and these are listed on the RAPs registration form. As RAPs develops this list is subject to amendment and regular updates.


8. What if my qualifications are very old?

RAPs will look at each application on an individual basis. If you have older qualifications and wish to register you will be required to send evidence of CPD undertaken and a CV to demonstrate current competence. The difference between the current and previous qualifications has been identified so RAPs will be able to advise if your old qualification is suitable and if any additional training is required to be undertaken.


9. How much does becoming a RAPs member cost?

It costs £38 per annum to become a full RAPs member and £5 per annum for Lifeguard Only membership. If you are already a full member of another SkillsActive Register, your RAPs registratation will incur a £5 administration cost. 


10. What do I get for being a member of RAPs?

Being a registered member signifies that an aquatic professional holds recognised and approved qualifications; is independently verified as being competent in the work place; and is committed to ongoing professional development. Members will also receive a benefits package and regular publications containing latest industry news.


11. How will the registration fees be spent?

SkillsActive is a not-for-profit organisation and therefore registration fees will go towards the delivery of RAPs. Any surplus will be invested directly back into the aquatics industry to support its growth and development.


12. Will I need to complete CPD to maintain my registration?

As an aquatics professional and member of the Register, keeping your skills and knowledge up to date is vitally important. Personal or professional development will support career progression and is an important principle in creating excellence throughout the aquatics industry. You will be expected to undertake CPD to maintain your membership.


13. Do I need to purchase insurance to be on RAPs?

To gain access to the register you are required to demonstrate that you have the relevant insurance for the role you are performing. You may be covered under your employers insurance, have purchased your own insurance from an aquatics body or have your own insurance from an independent insurance company.