Why renew your membership?


RAPs membership provides industry wide professional recognition. It is the seal of approval for aquatic professionals, showing that they are competent across all relevant job roles.


A RAPs membership will turn a job into a professional career with a system in place to help you to fulfil your professional development potential.

You don’t have to be affiliated to a club to join RAPs and take advantage of industry wide recognition of your qualifications and skill sets.

Joining RAPs is more than just an insurance policy. RAPs gives you recognition with both your employers and the public. RAPs can also make it easier to gain employment.


Renew Your Membership

There are two simple ways in which you can renew your RAPs membership and insurance.


1. Online

Login to your member area and complete the online re-registration form.


2. Phone

Call 0207 840 1919. Please have your membership number and payment method to hand.